East Alton Ice Arena

Welcome To The East Alton Ice Arena

Learn to Skate Tips!

Be on time. It takes approximentally 20-30 min to get your skates on and prepared for your class. You don't want to miss a minute of your exciting skating class!

Dress appropriately. The temperature in the rink is fairly cold from time to time. Dressing in layers is usually best. Clothing should also be easy to move around in.

Skates should fit properly. If renting skates, the rule of thumb is, to get a skate size ONE size smaller than the skater's tennis shoe size.. Skaters should also wear THIN socks or tights with their skates. Skater's should NOT wear thicker socks in the winter to keep their feet warmer; the thick sock will tend to make the skate uncomfortable and cut off circulation to the foot, causing the foot to become colder.

Visit the Skater's Edge pro shop for any of your skating purchases and or questions on skating apparel.

Be sure to practice. Skating is not an easy sport, so therefore practice is essential. Skaters are encouraged to practice at least one other time per week. We offer many freestyle sessions for this reason. We also have a number of public sessions. Check the calendar for exact dates and times. Please note that practice time is not included in the price of LTS.

Please let the skating director know if you feel that your skater has been placed in the incorrect class. We will make every effort to accommodate you and your skater.

Remember your teachers name and where your class is on the ice. You will need to go to the same spot each week. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call you email the skating director. Most important... Have FUN!!!