Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you need to be to participate in LTS classes?2018-11-15T09:52:56-06:00

3 years old to adult. Classes are not only fun, but a great way to exercise also.

What does my registration fee include?2018-11-15T09:52:37-06:00

It includes: skater rental, ice time, 30 min instruction and lots of fun!

Can I get a refund or make-up a class?2018-11-15T09:52:22-06:00

Refunds are not given. Make-up classes will be allowed in emergency cases only. The only way a make-up class is allowed, is with PRIOR permission from the skating director.

What kind of equipment do I need for skating lessons?2018-11-15T09:52:04-06:00

Skates and possibly a helmet (Helmets are not required, but they are recommended for young skaters or beginning skaters.)

How do I sign up for private lessons?2018-11-15T09:51:41-06:00

Private lessons are set up with an individual coach. If there is a coach you think you would like to take from, you may contact them directly, otherwise leave your name and lesson preference with the skating director. Private lessons are taught on freestyle sessions, and occasionally public sessions.

What are the costs involved with private lessons?2018-11-15T09:51:26-06:00

There is one cost for the ice time and one cost for the private coach. The rink offers many freestyle session to accommodate skaters and their lessons. The cost of the freestyle session is $10 per hour (this applies even if you only skate for 30 min). The rink also offers a number of public sessions, where private lesson may be taught if necessary. You will also need to pay the coach directly. Each coach sets their rate themselves depending on credentials. See skating director or private coach for list of prices.

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