Learn to Skate!

2020 LTS Flyer
The East Alton Ice Arena offers Learn to Skate Classes throughout the year.  Sessions usually run for a period of 8 to 10 weeks and are priced accordingly. Learn to Skate covers both Figure Skating and Hockey Skating and is a general introduction to ice skating. Each session includes 30 minutes of Instruction and 30 minutes or Practice ice. Each student receives, and is registered to, Skate USA Membership, and receive a personal copy of Learn to Skate USA Skills Book. Free Skates Rental is offered to all Students and each Student receives two (2) FREE Public Session Passes.

Questions regarding the East Alton Ice Arena Learn to Skate Program can be answered by the facility Skating Director, Katie McKeon.  Her e-mail is [email protected]

Printable Form

    Learn to Skate! Online Registration Form

    Cost for the program is $130. Begins September 9th and runs through December 13th

    Select Skating Level:
    Select Session:
    Skaters Name:
    Skaters DOB:
    Parents Name:
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    I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of the above named Skater do hereby give consent to the East Alton Ice Arena, and East Alton Civic Rink Management, Inc. its agents, officers, and representatives for emergency medical treatment to be rendered to the above named Skater in event of injury occurring in the course of participation in the East Alton Ice Arena Learn to Skate Session. I further state that I am aware that ice skating is a physically demanding sport and knowing this give the above named Skater to fully participate in this Learn to Skate Session. I release the East Alton Ice Arena, and East Alton Civic Rink Management, Inc., its agents, officers, and representatives from any liability for injuries or other loss as a result of such participation. Furthermore, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth by the East Alton Ice Arena, as they pertain to this Learn to Skate Session.

    Signed (Parent or Guardian):

    Ice skating is a great way to stay healthy and fit. The sport teaches coordination, balance, and self-discipline. Our learn to skate classes are a great spot to start.

    Learn to Skate Levels

    Snowplow Sam (3-5 years old):

    These classes are designed for young beginner skaters to learn and have fun with their peers on the ice. During these classes, skaters will learn the proper technique for falling and getting up, balancing on skates, marching, gliding, and other basic skating skills. All skaters will start on the ice by pushing a bucket; as the class progresses, skaters will be skating on their own in no time! While helmets are not required, they are recommended for this age group.

    Basic 1 – 8 (6-18 years old):

    These classes are for those skaters above 6 years old. Each class has required skills to learn to progress through the program.

    Freestyle/Intro to Figure Skating/Specialized classes:

    These classes are for any skater Basic 3 or higher that are interested in figure skating. Classes vary from edges, stroking, jumps, spins, etc. This is a GREAT way to get to try new skating moves and to learn more about the East Alton Skating Academy!

    Hockey Skating Skills: (All ages)

    This class is for those hockey skaters looking to improved their hockey skating skills. Many skaters do this class as well as the Twin Bridges Learn to Play Program!


    We offer classes for adults too! Skating for the whole family!! Adult classes can be done during the normal learn to skate hours, or even during a lunch hour!