Stick Time

Kids Stick Time is for both boys and girls.  During this time players can work on individual skills, either by themselves, or with friends, play pick up hockey or work with Private Coaches.  Parents are allowed to come on the ice with their kids but must pay admission to be on the ice and wear an approved HECC helmet while on the ice.

Players taking Private Lessons must pay to be on the ice.  Non East Alton Ice Arena Coaches (those Coaches not in the employ of Elite Hockey Training) must pay to be on the ice with their Students.

Players are required to wear helmets, with full facial protection, gloves, stick and skates and their own puck(s).

The ice is generally divided into three sections:

  • Near end (to the lobby)is pick up hockey for all ages,
  • Center ice is practice ice for individuals
  • Far end (near Zamboni Door) is for Private Coaches and their Students.

Cooperation is required among all groups and failure to “get along” will result in expulsion from the Session.

Space is limited to 30 kids and ALL Players must sign in, and pay, prior to taking the ice, at the Box Office Window.

Age range is 17½ and younger.

Cost: $8.00